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Just as we love historical fiction at Trivium Publishing, we also love learning more about history in general, as well as the particular people and events that spawned the fiction. Please note that the articles are arranged alphabetically, by author.

Romantic Couples: Richard II & Anne of Bohemia - Teresa Eckford

Gentle readers, you will have to forgive me for telling this bittersweet tale. However, once you've read it, I believe you will understand why I want to include Richard and Anne among my Romantic... >>More>>

Romantic Couples: King Stephen & Matilda of Boulogne- Teresa Eckford

King Stephen has never been acknowledged as one of England's most appealing kings. He usurped the throne from his cousin, Maud, after swearing an oath to support her, and was ineffectual in... >>More>>

The Richard III Society - Western Australia Branch - Helen Hardegen

Richard III, the last monarch of the Plantagenet dynasty, was killed in the Battle of Bosworth in 1485. In spite of the shortness of his reign (he ruled barely more than two years), this... >>More>>

The Smell of the Middle Ages - Jacquelyn Hodson

What did the Medieval world smell like? Was it as disgustingly ripe as we have sometimes been lead to believe? Research indicates that the answer would appear to be.not quite. Life may... >>More>>

Following the Trail of Anya Seton's Green Darkness - Tamara Mazzei

Ask a fan of historical fiction for a list of favorite books and, almost inevitably, one by Anya Seton will be somewhere on the list. Green Darkness and Katherine are definitely near the top of... >>More>>

Henry II, King John, and Anglo-Norman Ireland - Tamara Mazzei

In 1014 the Irish royal army, led by Murchad, son of Brian, the last truly powerful high-king, defeated the Vikings at Clontarf. However, during the course of the battle, both Murchad and... >>More>>

To Katherine on Her Fiftieth Anniversary - Tamara Mazzei

Katherine, the story of the mistress and later, the wife of John of Gaunt, was the sixth of the ten popular novels* written by Anya Seton. All of Seton’s novels were best sellers, yet in the fifty years since its original publication, Katherine stands apart, showing the longevity of... >>More>>

The Medieval Trivium - Tamara Mazzei

In the Middle Ages, a good university education included what were known as the Seven Liberal Arts, parts of which were adopted from ancient Greece. These were divided into the trivium... >>More>

Par Gelosia Multiplication - Tamara Mazzei

Par gelosia was a method used to multiply in the Middle Ages. >>More>>

Table of Contemporary Sovereigns - Tamara Mazzei

Wondering who ruled where and when? >>More>>

Ghosts and Fairies in the Middle Ages - Gillian Polack, Ph.D.

Folktales tell us where the boundaries of our world lie. In the Middle Ages these boundaries were often woods, water, night and death. Woods (Broceliande was the most famous) were where... >>More>>

Feminism and the Past - Gillian Polack, Ph.D.

For five years Women's History Month and mid-life crises had a lot in common. Me. I worked on Australia's Women's History Month from 2000-2004. From the very beginning it forced me to rethink some basics... >>More>>

King Arthur in Our Mind's Eye (and on our bookshelves) - Gillian Polack, Ph.D.

Many of us have quite a clear picture of Arthur in our minds. We know what we would like him to look like, and often how we would like him to think. >>More>>

Languages in Medieval England - Gillian Polack, Ph.D.

What languages did people speak in England in the Middle Ages? And in what contexts did they speak them? Most writers of historical fiction cheat a little bit, and just use English for lower... >>More>>

Them's Fighting Words: Old French Insults - Gillian Polack, Ph.D.

Old French insults would have been the most common insults to the end of the thirteenth century, not only among French native-speakers and nobles, but also among those with any sort of... >>More>>

Medieval French Food for Jewish New Year - Gillian Polack, Ph.D.

Jews in France had mixed life-experiences - some times France was a great place to live, sometimes it was less so. Many aspects of Jewish lives were celebrated alongside their Christian neighbours... >>More>>

Simon de Montfort and the Baronial Crisis of 1258-65 - Nanci Lamb Roider

Who was Simon de Montfort, and what was his role in the evolution of the baronial crisis of 1258-1265? How did this younger son of a French nobleman rise to become the de facto ruler... >>More>>

To Be Noble in Italy: Outward Displays of Grandeur as a Means of Class Identification
- Nanci Lamb Roider

European society of the Middle Ages and Renaissance was highly stratified and structured. The European population has been traditionally divided into three groups, those who pray... >>More>>

Arbella Stuart, Catherine of Valois, and The Duchess of Malfi: An Examination of Women, Marriage, and Widowhood in Jacobean England - Nanci Lamb Roider

Throughout history, man has sought to understand and chronicle himself, his experiences, and his culture. One of the primary ways this has been achieved is through the written word... >>More>>

In Search of a Princess - Brian Wainwright

Constance of York is quite often omitted from Plantagenet family pedigrees, but she was a real person. Even if the facts of her life are pretty incredible... >>More>>

Morlands and Mysteries with Cynthia Harrod-Eagles - Wendy Zollo

I was tremendously excited when Cynthia agreed to do this interview; I've been following the Morlands for as long as she's been writing about them. It was a joy to take out... >>More>>

On Reading, Historical Fiction…and Hobbits! A Conversation with Elizabeth Chadwick
- Wendy Zollo

Elizabeth Chadwick, author of such novels as The Winter Mantle, Lords of the White Castle, The Champion and the soon to be released, The Falcons of Montabard is without question one of the... >>More>>

Author Interview: Sharon Kay Penman - Wendy Zollo

Sharon Kay Penman, the author of Sunne in Splendor, the Welsh trilogy beginning with Here Be Dragons and two Justin de Quincy mysteries is one of the most poetic and accurate of... >>More>>

Author Interview: Gillian Polack - Wendy Zollo

Gillian Polack is a historian, writer and educator. Her debut novel Illuminations is scheduled for release in December 2002 by Trivium Publishing. Gillian is passionate about teaching... >>More>>

Ghosts, Spirits, and Horrors of Scotland's Castles - Wendy Zollo

Spirits and slayings, secrets and sightings. These are the stories of Scotland's castles. For example, Fyvie Castle, just north of Aberdeen, is said to have a curse planted upon it by Thomas... >>More>>

Royalty and Daughters: The Lives of Isobel and Anne Neville - Wendy Zollo

Anne Neville, the wife of Richard III, was Queen of England for such a brief period not much beyond the principal facts have been recorded. Her sister Isobel is but a footnote to history... >>More>>

Wainwright and Fetterlocks - Wendy Zollo

Wendy Zollo interviews Brian Wainwright, author of Within the Fetterlock and The Adventures of Alianore Audley... >>More>>

Book Reviews

The Good Men (A Novel of Heresy) - Charmaine Craig

In her debut novel, Charmaine Craig mines the rich detail of the Medieval Inquisition registers used to produce Emmanuel le Roi Ladurie's classic nonfiction work, "Montaillou." >>More>>

Pharoah - Karen Essex

The name Kleopatra (Greek spelling) conjures up a multitude of images in our mind's eye, and Karen Essex's two excellent novels (the first, entitled Kleopatra) about this enigmatic queen... >>More>>

Souvenir of Cold Springs - Kitty Burns Florey

The old saying "The more things change, the more they stay the same" often came to mind while reading this compelling and poignant multigenerational tale about the lives of the women in... >>More>>

Gods and Legions - Michael Curtis Ford

The Romans produced many memorable historical figures and this novel, set during the last years of the Roman Empire, is about one of them; the Emperor Julian. When Julian, a naïve young... >>More>>

The Good Journey - Micaela Gilchrist

"Sixteen years ago, when I followed the General away, I had known him for only three days. I reconciled myself then to sleeping with a gentlemanly stranger. How could I have... >>More>>

An Ordinary Woman - Cecelia Holland

This is the story of Nancy Kelsey, the first American woman in California--and an elemental part of that great state's early history. >>More>>

Alaska - James A. Michener

In a novel almost as magnificent as it's subject matter, Michener tells the engrossing story of Alaska (derived from the Aleut word "Alyeska" meaning "great land" or "that which the sea... >>More>>

Promise and Honor - Kim Murphy

Amanda Graham is widowed when her Confederate husband dies a hero's death on the battlefield of Manassas at the outbreak of the [American] Civil War. >>More>>

The Water's Edge - Virginia Bailey Parker

This is a multi-generational story of three families who leave England for the New World and settle in Salem, Massachusetts. As the years go by, each family deals in its own unique way with... >>More>>

The Sunne in Splendour - Sharon Kay Penman

The misshapen monster of Shakespeare's play is an accurate portrayal of Richard III--or is it? Sharon Kay Penman paints a different picture of the most reviled king in English history. >>More>>

Time and Chance - Sharon Kay Penman

This latest entry from noted historical fiction author Sharon Kay Penman, offers an engaging portrayal of Medieval England and France. >>More>>

The Book of Shadows - James Reese

James Reese has fashioned a tale of Anne Rice(ish) gothic and ethereal erotica, which is a channel for a small band of brilliantly scandalous and irresistible characters. >>More>>

Hannibal's Children - John Maddox Roberts

"What if the past had been different? What if one war had changed the world?" Such is the focus of this novel wherein the author speculates how history might have been altered if Hannibal and his... >>More>>

The Seventh Son - Reay Tannahill

Richard III, the most maligned and shortest-reigning king in England's history, has been the subject of many novels. Does Tannahill have anything new to say about him? >>More>>

The Islesman - Nigel Tranter

The Islesman begins as the coming of age tale of Angus Og mac Donald, grandson of the 4th Lord of the Isles, Angus Mor mac Donald, during the years of the Scottish Wars of Independence. >>More>>



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