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Illuminations cover

ISBN: 0-9722091-0-7

Illuminations: A Novel by Gillian Polack

Rose is dedicated, troubled and on the move. She is an Australian medievalist on sabbatical in modern France. Most of her attention is focused on her research, on buying books, and on the odd behavior of her boyfriend. She finds an inexplicable manuscript that tells the story of Ailinn and Guenloie, two women who lived in Arthurian Britain. Ailinn is determined to solve the world's problems and Guenloie searches for success, romance, and her father. Rose's world parallels theirs. And theirs is about to come to an agonizing close. >> Read More

Within the Fetterlock Cover

ISBN: 0-9722091-1-5

Within the Fetterlock by Brian Wainwright

The cognizance of the House of York was a Falcon, enclosed within a Fetterlock...

The year is 1396. King Richard II is childless -- the succession to the English throne is in doubt.

When the rebellious Henry of Lancaster returns from exile in France in a bid to claim the throne, Constance of York is threatened on all sides. Closely related to both the King and Henry of Lancaster, she is drawn into intrigues as her husband and her brother jostle with their Lancastrian and Mortimer cousins in the race for supremacy. >> Read More



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