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Following is a basic list of resources we have developed. If you have questions or need help with any of our resources, please send an email to webmaster@triviumpublishing.com.

Book Lists

We have the following excellent book lists that you may find useful:

The Best List

The Best List is a constantly updated database of historical fiction and fantasy. You can search the Best List by keyword and author, and even add your own favorites. And we hope you will!

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Modern Arthurian Fiction

This list is dedicated solely to Arthurian fiction. You can add your own favorites to this one as well.

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Trivium Publishing sponsors two e-mail discussion lists and a discussion forum. We also have a chat room.


GoodBooks@triviumpublishing.com is an open, unmoderated e-mail discussion list intended to promote discussion of all aspects of fiction, with an emphasis on historical fiction and fantasy.

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Our Chat room is always online. We will post times and details for scheduled chats.

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