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You've reached this page because either a) you're wondering who we are, or b) you clicked the wrong link. If you're here for the second reason, then happy surfing. If you're here for the first, here's a little background on our company.

Trivium Publishing, LLC was incorporated in Lake Charles, Louisiana in March, 2002. Our publication schedule was disrupted by Hurricane Rita in 2005. We have since relocated to Washington state (temporarily, we hope) and we are in the process of getting back to business. We expect to have new releases in the near future.

We know you may be wondering why a publisher would want to feature books published by other companies. The only answer to that is that we love books. We really do. We believe that good books aren't our competition because readers are always looking for more.

So we recommend our favorite books from other publishers as well as our own because we know that there can never be too many good books!




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