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Modern Arthurian Fiction (mostly fantasy and historical)

This is a working list of modern Arthurian fiction originally compiled for the Arthurian Association of Australia. Works are arranged alphabetically by author. If you would like to let us know about works that are not included on the list (please make sure they aren't already on the list), enter the title and author in the field below and click Submit (only once).



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ab Hugh, Dafydd. Arthur War Lord

Aiken, Joan. The Stolen Lake

Alexander, Lloyd. Taran Wanderer

Alexander, Lloyd. The Black Cauldron

Alexander, Lloyd. The Book of Three

Alexander, Lloyd. The Castle of Llyr

Alexander, Lloyd. The High King

Alexander, Victoria. Believe

Allen, P. King Arthur & His Knights

Anderson, Dennis Lee. Arthur, King

Anderson, Poul. Three Hearts and Three Lions

Ashe, Geoffrey. The Finger and the Moon

Ashley, M. Life & Times Of King Arthur

Ashley, M. (ed) The Chronicles of the Holy Grail

Ashley, M. The Pendragon Chronicles

Ashley, M. The Camelot Chronicles

Ashley, M. The Chronicles of the Round Table

Attanasio, A.A. Kingdom of the Grail

Attanasio, A.A. The Dragon and the Unicorn

Attanasio, A.A. The Eagle and the Sword

Attanasio, A.A. The Wolf and the Crown

Attanasio, A.A. The Serpent and the Grail

Azimov, Isaac. Isaac Asimov's Camelot


Baldry, Cherith. Exiled from Camelot

BaringGould, S. The Holy Grail

Barron, T.A. The Lost Years of Merlin (Lost Years of Merlin: Book 1)

Barron, T.A. The Seven Songs of Merlin (Lost Years of Merlin: Book 2)

Barron, T.A. The Fires of Merlin (Lost Years of Merlin: Book 3)

Barron, T.A. The Mirror of Merlin (Lost Years of Merlin: Book 4)

Barron, T.A. The Wings of Merlin (Lost Years of Merlin: Book 5)

Barron, T.A. The Merlin Effect

Barthelme, Donald. The King

Barwin, Gary. King Arthur Was a Mountie

Berger, Thomas. Arthur Rex: a legendary novel

Blaylock, James P. The Paper Grail

Blyton, E. Knights of the Round Table

Bond, Nancy. A String in the Harp

Borchardt, Alice. The Dragon Queen (Tales of Guinevere: Book 1)

Borchardt, Alice. The Raven Warrior (Tales of Guinevere: Book 2)

Borowsky, Marvin. The Queen's Knight

Bradley, Marian Zimmer. The Forest House

Bradley, Marian Zimmer. Lady of Avalon

Bradley, Marion Zimmer. The Mists of Avalon

Bradley, Marion Zimmer. Priestess of Avalon

Bradshaw, Gillian. Down the Long Wind

Bradshaw, Gillian. Hawk of May

Bradshaw, Gillian. In Winter's Shadow

Bradshaw, Gillian. Kingdom of Summer

Brundage, Burr C. The King Who Cast No Shadow

Bulfinch, Thomas. Age of Chivalry: or, King Arthur and His Knights

Bullinga, Nicki. Tweestrijd in Wales (Dutch)

Burgess, Anthony. Any Old Iron

Burnham, Jeremy, and Trevor Ray. Raven

Burnham, Jeremy, and Trevor Ray. Children of the Stones


Cabell, James Branch. Jurgen, a Comedy of Justice

Cable, J. The death of King Arthur

Calvert, P. Summer of Sir Lancelot

Canning, Victor. The Circle of the Gods

Canning, Victor. The Crimson Chalice

Canning, Victor. The Immortal Wounds

Canning, Victor. Lady in the Dark

Carlsen, Chris. Berserker: The Bull Chief

Carmichael, Douglas. Pendragon: an Historical Novel

Chadwick, Elizabeth. First Knight

Chamberlin, Ann. The Merlin of St. Giles' Well

Chamberlin, Ann. The Merlin of the Oakwood

Chant, Joy. The High Kings

Chapman, Vera. King Arthur's Daughter

Chapman, Vera. The Green Knight

Chapman, Vera. The King's Damosel

Charrette, Robert N. A King Beneath the Mountain

Charrette, Robert N. A Knight Among Knaves

Charrette, Robert N. A Prince Among Men

Cherryh, C.J. Port Eternity

Chiappalone, J. The Revenge of Camelot: the Return of King Arthur & Queen Gwenevere

Chopra, Deepak. The Return of Merlin

Christian, Catherine. The Sword and the Flame

Christian, Catherine. The Pendragon

Chwast, Seymour. Mr. Merlin and the Turtle

Closs, Hannah. Tristan

Clynes, M. The Grail Murders

Cochran, M. and Warren Murphy. The Forever King

Cochran, M. The Broken Sword

Coney, Michael G. Fang, the Gnome

Coney, Michael G. King of the Scepter'd Isle

Cooper, Susan. Greenwitch

Cooper, Susan. The Dark is Rising

Cooper, Susan. Over Sea, Under Stone

Cooper, Susan. The Grey King

Cooper, Susan. Silver on the Tree

Cornwell, Bernard. The Winter King (Warlord Chronicles 1)

Cornwell, Bernard. Enemy of God (Warlord Chronicles 2)

Cornwell, Bernard. Excalibur (Warlord Chronicles 3)

Cosem, Michel. La chasse Artus

Crawford, T. Story of King Arthur

Crompton, Anne Eliot. Gawain and the Green Lady

Crompton, Anne Eliot. Merlin's Harp

Crompton, Anne Eliot. Percival's Angel

Crossley-Holland, Kevin. The Seeing Stone (Arthur Trilogy: Bk 1)

Crossley-Holland, Kevin. At the Crossing Places (Arthur Trilogy: Bk 2)

Crossley-Holland, Kevin. King of the Middle March (Arthur Trilogy: Bk 3 - projected Dec. 2003)

Crow, Donna Fletcher. Glastonbury: The Novel of Christian England

Cutler, U. Waldo. Stories Of King Arthur & His Knights


David, Peter. Knight Life

Davies, Robertson. The Lyre of Orpheus

Davies, Robertson. The Rebel Angels

Davies, Robertson. What's Bred in the Bone

de Angelo, Michael. Cyr Myrddin: The Coming of Age of Merlin

deCamp, L. Sprague. Heroes and Hobgoblins

DeLint, Charles. Moonheart

Dickinson, Peter. Heartsease

Dickinson, Peter. The Weathermonger

Dickinson, Peter. Merlin Dreams

Dickinson, Peter. The Devil's Children

Dickson, Gordon R. The Dragon in Lyonesse

Drake, David. The Dragon Lord

Drake, David. Lord of the Isles

Drury, Nevill. Merlin's Book of Magick and Enchantment

Duggan, Alfred. Conscience of the King


Edwards, Rex. Arthur of the Britons

Elliott, Janice. The Empty Throne

Elliott, Janice. The King Awakes

Endersby, Clive. Read All About It!

Erskine, John. Galahad, Enough of His Life to Explain His Reputation

Erskine, John. Tristan and Isolde: Restoring Palamede

Evans, Quinn Taylor. Shadows of Camelot

Evans, Quinn Taylor. Daughter of Fire

Evans, Quinn Taylor. Daughter of the Light

Evans, Quinn Taylor. Daughter of the Mist


Faraday, W. Barnard. Pendragon

Farrington, M. Tales Of King Arthur & His Knights

Fife, G. Arthur the King

Finkel, George. The Twilight Province

Fisk, Alan. The Summer Stars

Ford, John M. The Dragon Waiting: A Masque of History

Foss, Michael. The World of Camelot: King Arthur & the Knights of the Round Table

Frankland, Edward. Arthur: The Bear of Britain

Fraser, Antonia. King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

French, Allen. Sir Marrok the Wolf

Frith, Henry. King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table

Frost, William H. Court Of King Arthur


Garner, Alan. Elidor

Garner, Alan. The Moon of Gomrath

Garner, Alan. The Weirdstone of Brisingamen: A Tale of Alderley

Gash, Jonathan [John Grant]. The Grail Tree

Gemmell, David. Ghost King

Gemmell, David. Last Sword of Power

Giblin, James Cross. The Dwarf, the Giant, and the Unicorn

Gilbert, H. King Arthur For Boys

Gloag, John. Artorius Rex

Godwin, Parke (ed). Invitation to Camelot

Godwin, Parke. Beloved Exile

Godwin, Parke. Firelord

Godwin, Parke. The Last Rainbow

Goldstein, Lisa. Strange devices of the sun and moon

Greeley, Andrew M. The Magic Cup: An Irish Legend

Green, Richard Lancelyn. King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table

Greene, F. King Arthur & His Court

Griffiths, Paul. The Lay of Sir Tristam

Gross, Gwen. Knights of the Round Table

Gross, Joel. The Lives of Rachel

Grove, Donna. A Touch of Camelot

Grove, Donna. Return to Camelot

Guler, Kathleen Cunningham. Into the Path of Gods (Macsen's Treasure Series)

Guler, Kathleen Cunningham. In the Shadow of Dragons (Macsen's Treasure Series)

Gunson, Jonathon and Coombe, Martin. The Merlin Mystery


Haar, J.T. King Arthur

Hackersly, Donald. Knight Tales: The Romantic History of King Arthur & His Knights of the Round Table

Haldeman, Linda. The Lastborn of Elvinwood

Hamlett, Christina. The Enchanter

Hanratty, Peter. The Book of Mordred

Hanratty, Peter. The Last Knight of Albion: Percival's Final Quest

Hanratty, Peter. The Last Knight of Albion: The Quest for Mordred

Hastings, Selina, and Juan Wijngaard (Illustrator). Sir Gawain and the Loathly Lady

Hawke, Simon. The Samurai Wizard

Hawke, Simon. The Wizard of Camelot

Hawke, Simon. The Wizard of Rue Morgue

Hawke, Simon. The Wizard of Santa Fe

Hawke, Simon. The Wizard of Sunset Strip

Hawke, Simon. The Wizard of Whitechapel

Hawke, Simon. The Last Wizard

Hawke, Simon. The Wizard of 4th Street

Hays, Edward. St. George and the Dragon and the Quest for the Holy Grail

Headlee, K. Dawn Flight

Heller, Julek and Dierdre Headon. King Arthur & His Knights

Heyer, Carol. Excalibur

Hildebrandt, Rita and Tim. Merlin and the Dragon's of Atlantis

Hodges, Margaret. Of Swords and Sorcerers

Hodges, Margaret, & Trina Schart Hyman (Illustrat). The Kitchen Knight: A Tale of King Arthur

Holdstock, Robert. Lavondyss

Holdstock, Robert. Mythago Wood

Holdstock, Robert. The Iron Grail (Merlin Codex)

Holdstock, Robert. Celtika (Merlin Codex)

Hollick, Helen. Pendragon's Banner

Hollick, Helen. The Kingmaking

Hollick, Helen. Pendragon's Brother

Hollick, Helen. Shadow of the King

Holt, Tom. Grailblazers

Hopkins, A. Chronicles of King Arthur

Howe, J. The Knight with the Lion: the Story of Yvain

Hulpach, V. King Arthur

Humble, William F. A Tale of Arthur

Hunter, Jim. Percival and the Presence of God


Jakes, John and Gil Kane. Excalibur

James, C. King & Raven

Jeter, K. W. Morlock Night

Johnson, Barbara Ferry. Lionors

Jones, Courtway. In the Shadow of the Oak King

Jones, Courtway. Prince of Camelot

Jones, Courtway. The Witch of the North

Jones, Mary J. Avalon


Kane, Gil and John Jakes. Excalibur!

Karr, Phyllis Ann. The Idylls of the Queen

Karr, Phyllis Ann. The Follies of Sir Harald

Katz, Welwyn Wilton. The Third Magic

Kay, Guy Gavriel. The Wandering Fire

Kay, Guy Gavriel. The Darkest Road

Kay, Guy Gavriel. The Summer Tree

Kemp, Debra A. The House of Pendragon I: the Firebrand

Kennealy Morrison, P. The Hedge of Mist

Kennealy, P. The Hawk's Grey Feather

Kennealy, P. The Oak Above the Kings

Kennealy, P. Blackmantle: a Triumph

Kennealy, P. The Copper Crown

Kennealy, P. The Silver Branch

Kennealy, P. The Throne of Scone.

Kennealy Morrison, P. The Deer's Cry

King Arthur Companion: Pendragon 2704 Chaos 2704

King, J. Robert. Le Morte D'Avalon

King, J. Robert. Lancelot Du Lethe

King, J. Robert. Mad Merlin

Kuncewicz, Maria. Tristan: A Novel


Lacy, Norris. The Mordred Manuscript

Landis, A.H. Home To Avalon

Landis, A.H. The Magic of Camelot

Landis, Arthur H A World Called Camelot

Landis, Arthur H The Majick of Camelot

Landis, Arthur H. Camelot in Orbit. Home To Avalon

Lanier, S. King Arthur & His Knights of the Round Table

Lang, Andrew (Editor). Tales from King Arthur

Lang, Andrew. Tales of the Round Table

Laubenthal, Sanders Anne. Excalibur

Laumer, Keith. A Trace of Memory

Lawhead, Stephen. Arthur

Lawhead, Stephen. Avalon

Lawhead, Stephen. Grail

Lawhead, Stephen. Merlin

Lawhead, Stephen. Pendragon

Lawhead, Stephen. Taliesin

Lawrence, Ann. Merlin the Wizard

Lees, F. The Arthuriad of Catumandro

Levitan, Richard. Looking For Arthur: A Once and Future Travelogue

Lewis, C.S. That Hideous Strength

Lindholm, Megan. Wizard of the Pigeons

Lindskold, Jane. Changer: A Novel of the Athanor

Lindskold, Jane. Legends Walking: A Novel of the Athanor

Lister, Robin. The Legend of King Arthur

Lodge, David. Small World


Maccarone, G. The Sword in the Stone

Mcdermott, G. The Knight of the Lion

Macleod, M. Book Of King Arthur & His Noble Knights

Mallory, James. Merlin: The King's Wizard

Mallory, James. Merlin Part I: The Old Magic

Markale, Jean. Lancelot du Lac

Marshall, Edison. The Pagan King

MartineBarnes, Adrienne. The Dragon Rises

Mary, Andre. Tristan

Masefield, John. Badon Parchments

Masson, Sophie. The Road to Camelot

Masson, Sophie. The Sun is Rising

Masson, Sophie & Felicity Pulman. Guinevere Jones Books 1, 2, 3, & 4

Masson, Sophie. A River through Time (Guinevere Jones 1). 2002.

Matthews, Caitlin and John. The Arthurian Book of Days

Mayne William. Earthfasts

Mazer, A. A Kid in King Arthur's Court

McCaffrey, Anne. Black Horses for the King

McCormack, Patrick. Albion: The Last Companion

McCusker, Paul. Stranger in the Mist

McDowell, Ian. Merlin's Gift

McDowell, Ian. Mordred's Curse

McGowen, Tom. Sir Machinery

McKenzie, Nancy. The Child Queen

McKenzie, Nancy. The High Queen: The Tale of Guinevere and King Arthur Continues

McKenzie, Nancy. Prince of Dreams: A Tale of Tristan and Esyllte

Meaney, Dee Morrison. Iseult: Dreams That Are Done

Merchant, E. King Arthur & His Knights

Middleton, Haydn. The Collapsing Tower

Middleton, Haydn. The Conversion

Middleton Haydn. The Knight's Vengeance

Middleton, Haydn. The King's Evil

Miles, Rosalind. Guenevere: Queen of the Summer Country

Miles, Rosalind. Isolde: Queen of the Western Isle

Miles, Rosalind. Knights of the Sacred Lake

Miles, Rosalind. The Child of the Holy Grail (3rd of the Guenevere novels)

Miles, Rosalind. The Maid of the White Hands (2nd of the Tristan and Isolde novels)

Miller, Michael D. Camelot, The True Story

Mittermeyer, Helen. The Veil

Mockler, Anthony, and Nick Harris. King Arthur and His Knights

Monaco, Richard. Parsival, or a Knight's Tale

Monaco, Richard. The Grail War

Monaco, Richard. Blood and Dreams

Monaco, Richard. Broken Stone

Monaco, Richard. Runes

Monaco, Richard. The Final Quest

Monty Python and the Holy Grail. (Screenplay of the movie.)

Monty Python. King Arthur and the Legends of Camelot.

Morpurgo, M. Arthur, High King of Britain

Morris, Gilbert. The Sword of Camelot

Munn, H. Warner. Merlin's Ring

Munn, H. Warner. Merlin's Godson

Munn, H. Warner. Merlin's Ring

Munn, H. Warner. King of the World's

Munn, H. Warner. The Ship from Atlantis


Newman, Robert. Merlin's Mistake

Newman, Robert. The Testing of Tertius

Newman, Sharan. Guinevere Evermore

Newman, Sharan. Guinevere

Newman, Sharan. The Chessboard Queen

Norman, Elizabeth. Silver, Jewels, and Jade

Norton, André. Merlin's Mirror

Norton, André. Here Abide Monsters

Norton, André. Steel Magic

Nye, Robert. Merlin


O'Meara, Walter. The Duke of War

O'Neal, Michael. King Arthur: Opposing Viewpoints


Paterson, Katherine. Parzival:  The Quest of the Grail Knight

Paxson, Diana L. The Book of the Sword (Hallowed Isle, Bk 1)

Paxson, Diana L. The Book of the Spear (Hallowed Isle, Bk 2)

Paxson, Diana L. The Book of the Cauldron (Hallowed Isle, Bk 3)

Paxson, Diana L. The Book of the Stone (Hallowed Isle, Bk 4)

Paxson, Diana L. The White Raven

Pawzcuk, E. King Arthur: tales of the young king

Percy, Walker. The Final Quest

Percy, Walker. Lancelot

Peters, Elizabeth. The Camelot Caper

Phelan, Laurel. Guinevere

Phillifent, John T. Life with Lancelot

Phillips, Marti. The Road to Camelot: Lancelot's Legacy

Philip, N. The Tale of Sir Gawain

Picard, B. L. Stories Of King Arthur & His Knights

Polack, Gillian. Illuminations

Powers, T. The Drawing of the Dark. Ambrosius and the FisherKing

Powers, T. Last Call

Powys, John Cowper. A Glastonbury Romance

Powys, John Cowper. Morwyn

Price, Anthony. Our Man in Camelot

Pulman, Felicity. Shalott

Pulman, Felicity. Return to Shallott

Pulman, Felicity. Shalott: The Final Journey

Pulman, Felicity & Sophie Masson. Guinevere Jones Books 1, 2, 3, & 4

Pyle, Howard, Don Hinkle, & Jerry Tiritilli (Ill). King Arthur

Pyle, Howard. The Story of King Arthur and his Knights

Pyle, Howard. The Story of the Grail and the Passing of Arthur

Pyle, Howard. The Story of the Champions of the Round Table

Pyle, Howard. The Story of Sir Lancelot and His Companions


QuillerCouch, Sir Arthur and Daphne du Maurier. Castle Dor


Radford, Irene. Guardian of the Balance: Merlin's Descendants #1

Radford, Irene. Guardian of the Trust: Merlin's Descendants #2

Radford, Irene. Guardian of the Vision: Merlin's Descendants #3

Radford, Irene. Guardian of the Promise: Merlin's Descendants #4

Ravenscroft, Trevor. The Spear of Destiny

Renzulli, Virgil. Caliburn

Rice, Robert. The Last Pendragon

Riordan, J. Tales of King Arthur

Robbins, Ruth. Taliesin and King Arthur

Roberts, Dorothy James. The Enchanted Cup

Roberts, Dorothy James. Lancelot My Brother

Roberts, Dorothy James. Kinsmen of the Grail

Robin, Harry and Adolfo Caso (eds.) I, Morgain

Rosen, Winifred. Three Romances:  Love Stories from Camelot retold

Rozelle, Lew. Origami in King Arthur's Court: An Adventure in Folding

Ryan, L. The fairies' midwife


Saberhagen, Fred. Merlin's Bones

Saberhagen, Fred. Dominion

Sabuda, R. Arthur & the Sword

Sampson, Fay. Black Smith's Telling (Daughter of Tintagel, Book 3)

Sampson, Fay. Herself

Sampson, Fay. Taliesin's Telling (Daughter of Tintagel, Book 4)

Sampson, Fay. White Nun's Telling (Daughter of Tintagel, Book 2)

Sampson, Fay. Wise Woman's Telling (Daughter of Tintagel, Book 1)

San Souci, R.D. & Daniel Horne (Ill). Young Merlin

San Souci, R.D. Young Arthur

San Souci, R.D. Young Guinevere

Scales, K. A Fool in the Forest

Seare, Nicholas. Rude Tales and Glorious: Being the Only True Account of Diverse Feats of Brawn and Bawd Performed by King Arthur and His Knights of the Table Round

Service, Pamela F. Tomorrow's Magic

Service, Pamela F. Winter of Magic's Return

Seton, Anya. Avalon

Sharpe, Ruth Collier. Tristram of Lyonesse: The Story of an Immortal Love

Sherman, Josepha. Merlin's Kin: World Tales of the Heroic Magician

Shimel, Lawrence. Camelot Fantastic

Shwartz, Susan. The Grail of Hearts

Shwartz, Susan. Queensblade

Shwartz, Susan. The Woman of Flowers

Sobol, Donald J. Greta the Strong

Springer, Nancy. I am Mordred

St. John, Nicole. Guinever's Gift

Steinbeck, John. Tortilla Flat

Steinbeck, John. The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights

Stewart, Mary. The Prince and the Pilgrim

Stewart, Mary. The Hollow Hills

Stewart, Mary. The Last Enchantment

Stewart, Mary. The Crystal Cave

Stewart, Mary. The Wicked Day

Stone, Eugenia. Page boy for King Arthur

Stone, Eugenia. Squire for King Arthur

Sutcliff, Rosemary and Taylor, Anna. Drustan the Wanderer: A Novel

Sutcliff, Rosemary and Taylor, Keith. Bard

Sutcliff, Rosemary. Sword at Sunset

Sutcliff, Rosemary. The Light Beyond the Forest

Sutcliff, Rosemary. The Road to Camlann 

Sutcliff, Rosemary. The Lantern Bearers

Sutcliff, Rosemary. The Sword and the Circle

Sutcliff, Rosemary. Tristan and Iseult

Sutcliff, Rosemary. The Sword and the Circle: King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table


Talbott, Hudson, and Peter Glassman. King Arthur and the Round Table

Talbott, Hudson. Excalibur

Talbott, Hudson. The Sword in the Stone

Talbott, Hudson. Lancelot

Taylor, Anna. Drustan the Wanderer: A Historical Novel Based on the Legend of Tristan and Isolde

Taylor, Keith. Bard III: The Wild Sea

Taylor, Keith. Bard IV: Raven's Gathering

Taylor, Keith. Bard

Taylor, Keith. Bard II

Telep, Peter. Squire (Squire Trilogy: Book 1)

Telep, Peter. Squire's Blood (Squire Trilogy: Book 2)

Telep, Peter. Squire's Honor (Squire Trilogy: Book 3)

Thackery, Anne. Ragnarok

Thompson, Frank. King Arthur

Thompson, Kathleen, Thomas Malory, and Susan Hunter. Merlin, the Wizard

Tolstoy, Nikolai. The Coming of the King

Tolstoy, Nikolai. The Quest for Merlin

Tranter, Nigel. Druid Sacrifice

Treece, Henry. The Eagles Have Flown

Treece, Henry. The Great Captains

Treece, Henry. The Exiles

Turner, Roy. King of the Lordless Country

Turton, Godfrey. The Emperor Arthur

Twain, Mark. A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court


Updike, John. Brazil


Van Asten, Gail. The Blind Knight

Vance, Jack. Lyonesse III: Madouc

Vance, Jack. Lyonesse: Suldrun's Garden

Vance, Jack. Lyonesse II: The Green Pearl

Vansittart, Peter. Lancelot: A Novel

Vansittart, Peter. Parsifal: A Novel

Vian, Boris. Le chevalier de neige

Viney, Jane. The BrightHelmed One

Voigt, Cynthia. The Wings of a Falcon


Wagner, Matt. Mage: The Hero Discovered

Walton, Jo. The King's Name

Walton, Jo. The King's Peace

Weatherhill, Craig. The Lyonesse Stone: A Novel of West Cornwall

Weatherhill, Craig. Seat of Storms

Webb, Peggy. Night of the Dragon

Wein, Elizabeth. A Coalition of Lions

Wein, Elizabeth E. The Winter Prince

West, Michael, John James & D.K. Swan. King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

White, Steve. Debt of Ages

White, T. H. The Book of Merlyn: The Unpublished Conclusion to the Once and Future King

White, T. H. The Once and Future King

Whyte, Jack. The Camulod Chronicles: The Skystone (Bk 1)

Whyte, Jack. The Camulod Chronicles: The Singing Sword (Bk 2)

Whyte, Jack. The Camulod Chronicles: The Eagles' Brood (Bk 3)

Whyte, Jack. The Camulod Chronicles: The Saxon Shore (Bk 4)

Whyte, Jack. The Camulod Chronicles: The Fort at Rivers Bend (Bk 5)

Whyte, Jack. The Camulod Chronicles: Sorcerer Metamorphosis (Bk 6)

Whyte, Jack. The Camulod Chronicles: Uther (Bk 7)

Whyte, Jack. Clothar the Frank

Wibberley, Leonard. The Quest of Excalibur

Wilkes, A. The Adventures of King Arthur

Williams, Charles. Taliessin through Logres

Williams, Charles. War in Heaven

Wilson, Barbara Ker. Legends of the Round Table

Wilson, Lyn Meads. Chasing the King

Winder, B. Stories Of King Arthur

Wolf, Joan. The Road to Avalon

Woolley, Persia. Child of the Northern Spring

Woolley, Persia. Queen of the Summer Stars

Woolley, Persia. Guinevere: The Legend in Autumn


Yolen, J. Merlin and the Dragons

Yolen, Jane (Editor), & Winslow Pels (Ill). Camelot

Yolen, Jane, Merlin's Booke: Thirteen Stories and Poems about the ArchMage

Yolen, Jane. The Dragon's Boy

Yolen, Jane.  Passager (the Young Merlin Trilogy, Book 1)

Yolen, Jane. Hobby (the Young Merlin Trilogy, Book 2)

Yolen, Jane.  Merlin (the Young Merlin Trilogy, Book 3)

Yolen, Jane. Camelot


Zelazny, Roger. The Courts of Chaos

Zelazny, Roger. The Guns of Avalon

Zelazny, Roger. The Last Defender of Camelot

Zettel, Sarah. For Camelot's Honor

Zettel, Sarah. In Camelot's Shadow



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