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About the Author: Gillian Polack

Illuminations: a novel by Gillian Polack
ISBN: 0-9722091-0-7

Dr. Gillian Polack has an academic and public service background. She completed her doctoral thesis in French and English Medieval history at the University of Sydney in 1987. She has also studied at the Centre for Medieval Studies in Toronto, Canada, as well as in London and Paris.

Gillian's main foci are writing and teaching. The writing covers a wide range, from academic to popular, non-fiction to fiction. She has had over twenty short pieces published (including a story for which she won an Australia Day Award), and has completed several major works, including one play and a cookbook. Illuminations is her most recent publication.

In addition to her writing, Gillian currently teaches at the Centre for Continuing Education, Australian National University. Some of her courses include literature, history, folk studies and cross-cultural understanding. She has done radio interviews on medieval subjects for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in Canberra. She is on the editorial board of H-France. Her volunteer work includes working in the Jewish Community (especially for the National Council of Jewish Women) and working to promote women's issues and to reduce racism. She is also a member of the ACT Ministerial Advisory Council For Women and the Australian Women's History Month committee.

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