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Illuminations Tour

03/24/2003: Arriving in the USA
03/25/2003: bags and flags
03/25/2003: Work day
03/26/2003: Usefulness
03/26/2003: peace
03/27/2003: Lake Charles
03/27/2003: Gillian the Shopaholic
03/28/2003: Austin, TX
03/28/2003: Utterly Joyous
03/30/2003: time at double
03/31/2003: Seriously Cool
04/01/2003: Little Rock
04/02/2003: a work day
04/03/2003: Isolated Peace?
04/07/2003: Ohio Slumber Party
04/08/2003: Planes and rain and lots of talking
04/08/2003: travel
04/12/2003: Wrapping Up
04/14/2003: Booktour: The End
04/16/2003: alas, all good things end

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