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Henry II's Court: Who are you?

When you enter a crowded room, you:

Put your hand on your dagger.
Elbow your way through the crowd.
Wriggle your way through the crowd.
Draw the eyes of everyone.
Announce your name and place of birth instantly.
Enter gracefully, with mirth.

Your favourite poetry is:

In Latin.
About love.
Your own poems.
Set to music.
About fighting.

Your favourite dream is:

To stop getting too much attention.
To get more attention than the rest of your family.
To get less attention from your mother.
To get less attention from your spouse.
To get the attention you deserve.
To get all the attention.

Your favourite personal posession is:

Your sword.
Your pen.
Your jewels.
Your crown.
Your underwear.
Your clothing.

The person you would most like to meet is:

Margaret Thatcher.
George W. Bush.
Tom Cruise.
Errol Flynn.
John F. Kennedy.

When you dine, you:

Sit in the kitchen.
Pick at your food.
Eat with elegance.
Throw things on the floor.
Eat in a tent.
Lecture everyone else on table manners.

Your favourite type of day is:

Anything you tell it to be.
Sunny, but with the sun behind you.

You're most likely to be found:

Hiding under the bed.
Where you're not supposed to be.
Where the action is.
By the seaside.
Near a mysterious forest.
In the center of things.

You would describe yourself as:


When you think of Henry II, the phrase that comes to mind is:

Vade retro!
Gimmee! Gimmee!
Why did I bother?
What about me for a change?
He likes Arthur too!

Have you answered all the questions?






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