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Women in the Engineering Profession, Discuss reasons for low representation
Posted: 09 Mar - 07:47 pm  

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In recent decades, women have gradually increased their representation in most tertiary courses such as arts, medicine and law to at least 50% of enrolled students. In engineering, this is not the case. Women comprise only 15.3% of all enrolled engineering students across Australia. Why are young girls not attracted to the profession of engineering? How can we make the engineering profession more attractive to women?
Posted: 10 Mar - 03:46 pm  

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This is an interesting question - is it a matter of marketing the profession to the student body in much the same way as science does. The lack of marketing to women may suggest that the profession is not very interested in including women in its numbers. Does the profession take any measures to look for systemic discrimination in it work practices.

During the Affirmative Action Pilot employers were asked to about the stablity of their particular workforce. While they responded that men were the more stable, the research of their own workforce did not bear this out. In fact it showed that the women employees were less likely to change jobs than the men. I imagine there are many similar misconceptions in other professions.
I guess what I am trying to say if that professions, busisness etc operate on fale premises they are not well places to address such things as systemic discrimination.

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