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How to Tell Tales: the Writing of Women's Stories
Join Brian Wainwright (UK), Wendy J Dunn (Vic), Sandra Worth (Texas), Sophie Masson (NSW) and other international writers.
2 15
Who Shapes How We See Our History?
Join the ACT Ministerial Advisory Council on Women for a discussion on the shaping of history.
3 13
Medieval Women in Modern Fiction
Join Wendy Zollo and the PenmanReview email discussion list.
5 28
Holy History: Religion and Women
Join Bronwyn Winter for a discussion of women and religion.
1 1
Women's History: the Ivory Divide
Join novelist Elizabeth Chadwick (UK), historian Gillian Polack (Canberra), and publisher Tamara Mazzei (USA) for a discussion of issues in popular and academic history.
3 26
History of Women and Science in Australia
Join Judith Whitworth for a discussion of women in the sciences.
1 0
Women Telling Stories
Join the WHM Committee for a discussion of women's stories.
2 2
Ecofeminism: Back to the Future
Join Jo Durand for a discussion of ecofeminism.
2 4
Out of Tolerance: Women, History, & Engineering
Join Julie Hammer for a discussion of the history of women in engineering.
1 1
Talkin' up to the White Woman
Join Nikki Henningham for a discussion on indigenous women's history.
3 0
WHM 2003 Discussion Archives
Archive of all 2003 discussions.
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