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Mary Sexton Receives International Women's Day Award

Mary Sexton, Women's History Month Committee member, was awarded the International Women's Day award for 2004 by the ACT Minister for Women, Katie Gallagher. The award recognises Mary's work on women's electoral issues, indigenous women's rights, equal payand women's enterprise agreements and now of course her work in promoting Women's History Month.

Well done Mary!

See www.canberratimes.com.au IWD 8 March 2004


Women in Pubs is just one of the themes to explore in this year's calendar of events for Women's History Month held throughout March.

Staged nationally with over 100 events, Women's History Month is about remembering and discovering the stories about the extraordinary variety of Australian women who have contributed to history and are making history today.

"Although pubs have been considered a male domain, from the earliest days of the penal colony, women have been at the helm of the hotel industry. As businesswomen, surrogate mother figures and the hearts of the community, female publicans have contributed to shaping our social history," said historian Dr. Clare Wright, author of the book Beyond the Ladies Lounge and Postdoctoral Research Fellow, La Trobe University.

"It's fascinating to recognise that women's earlier struggles and achievements have shaped aspects of our contemporary life today," added Sheryle Moon, spokesperson for Women's History Month and Director Manpower Services Australia.

"Oppressed, yet independent; hidden, yet influential; different, but equal highlight just some of the contrasts apparent when you start to delve into Australian women's history. I encourage everyone to participate in events in their area," said Sheryle.

Australian and international women experts from a range of fields will also lead a series of live on-line discussions throughout the month. Historian Gillian Polack, English novelist Elizabeth Chadwick and American publisher Tamara Mazzei will examine broad issues in popular and academic history, while electronics engineer and Air Vice-Marshal Julie Hammer will lead a discussion on the history of women in engineering.

Representatives from the ACT Ministerial Advisory Council of Women will raise the provoking question of Who shapes how we see our history. A discussion of women's stories will be led by the Women's History Month Committee.

Women's History Month is supported by the National Foundation for Australian Women and the Australian Government's Office of the Status of Women through the Women's Development Programme.

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