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Have you got an event that could be part of Women's History Month?

Planning an event in March 2004 which is about women? Is it about something of local historical importance or of significance to women and our history?

If so, why not join your planning with ours as part of the program for live events for Women's History Month in March 2004? We can then help publicize your event.

Celebrate with us

The ways in which Women's History Month (WHM) can be celebrated are limitless. For example:

  • a talk about a woman of note;
  • an afternoon tea telling stories about grandmothers;
  • exhibitions of women's art;
  • exhibitions of women's contributions;
  • film screenings;
  • seminars;
  • telling the stories of women's organizations;
  • involving school children in oral history projects interviewing older women;
  • exploring the part women played in all sorts of areas in the development of this country.

For an event to be part of WHM it must have an historical aspect and relate to women's contribution to society. But the women need not have been famous - in fact we are hoping to uncover many unknown stories of women's endeavors. There is invariably a story behind what we do and where we came from.

Include your event in our promotion

If you would like us to include your event and promotional material on our 2004 WHM Website and brochure to be launched mid February let us know something about your organization, or group, and what you are planning, where and when. If it contributes towards the aims for Women's History (see below) we will send you the logo for use on your promotional material. We will advertise only those events which carry our logo.

The aims

The major aims of WHM Australia are:

  • raising awareness and providing information on the rich history of women's contribution to the development and future of Australia;
  • providing a focus for activities which span government, bureaucracy, academia and community sectors;
  • engendering an understanding of the continuum of the historic struggle for women's rights and to provide role models for Australian women; and developing electronic material which documents women's history.

For more information ring Mary Sexton 02 6288 3699 or Danielle Hyndes 0412 844 598

Email Mary Sexton at msexton@bigpond.com

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